“El Sahara” Ritual

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Hammam Farasha is intended for women and couples, so men cannot access it alone.

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Discover the most sensory Ritual of “El Sahara” and relax with a delicious massage accompanied by aromatherapy, being able to choose between 7 different aromas according to your mood, enjoying alone or in company.

-What is included:

  • Coverage of Beldi black soap with olive oil and Eucalyptus essence to clean pores in depth.
  • Exfoliation performed with the Kessa glove that removes dead cells, leaving your skin soft and free of impurities.
  • Relaxing body massage with the application of hot essential oils that you can choose according to your mood before starting your massage.
  • Tasting a delicious tea with mint and Arabic sweets lying comfortably in the Relax room.

The price of the Ritual with 30-minute massage is € 100 per person. Total duration 90 minutes*

The price of the Ritual with 50-minute massage is € 125 per person. Total duration 120 minutes*

*The duration of all the Rituals is counted from your reservation time until you leave our facilities according to your 90’/120′ reservation, so you must respect your schedule without exceeding your time.

Sweet Orange essential oil: Revitalizing, energizing and refreshing. The instant scent of fresh orange will energize and stimulate your mind, sweet orange oil is like having a sunny day in a bottle.

Chocolate essential oil: Reduces stress and anxiety. It has relaxing qualities that help calm the mind and body. It releases endorphins and promotes a feeling of happiness and tranquility. It raises emotional energy and induces feelings of good humor.

Jasmine essential oil: It is known to be purifying and aphrodisiac as well as having seductive qualities. It can also help release energies and stimulate the sexual chakra.

Lavender essential oil: Relaxes, calms and balances the mind. Its light and floral aroma will make you feel comfortable and emotionally calm. It can also help you sleep better.

Rosemary essential oil: Revitalizing and warm, it leaves an invigorating feeling. Its fresh scent can fight fatigue, lift spirits, renew enthusiasm, and boost self-confidence.

Sandalwood essential oil: Comforting and invigorating, its aroma with a woody and exotic scent helps reduce tension, improves mood and reduces stress.

Ylan-Ylan essential oil: Revitalizing and energizing, this aroma is aromatic, exotic and sensual and also helps to lift your spirits.