“Fusion” Ritual

From: 100.00 

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Hammam Farasha is intended for women and couples, so men cannot access it alone.

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Discover the experience of our fascinating “Fusion” Ritual and let yourself be seduced by the combination of the best massages in the world, mixing different techniques of Thai, Balinese, Shiatsu and Lomi-Lomi massages, enjoying alone or in company.
-What includes:

  • Beldi black soap coverage with olive and Eucalyptus essence to deeply clean pores.
  • Exfoliation performed with the Kessa glove that eliminates dead cells, leaving your skin soft and free of impurities.
  • Body massage fusing Thai, Balinese, Shiatsu and Lomi-Lomi massage techniques. (Does not include mobilizations or stretching)
  • Tasting a delicious tea with mint and Arab sweets while lying comfortably in the Relaxation room.

The price of the Ritual with a 30-minute massage is €100 per person. Total duration 90 minutes*
*The duration of all Rituals is counted from your reservation time until you leave our facilities according to your 90′ reservation, so you must respect your schedule without exceeding your time.