“Foam” Ritual

From: 70,00 

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IMPORTANT: Rituals for one person are intended only for women.


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Discover the experience of our exclusive “Foam” Ritual and relax until you lose track of time in the purest traditional style of ancient Constantinople.

-What includes:

  • Coverage of Beldi black soap with olive oil and Eucalyptus essence to clean pores in depth.
  • Exfoliation performed with the Kessa glove that removes dead cells, leaving your skin soft and free of impurities.
  • Moisturizing foam bath with a gentle massage that will transport you on a walk through the clouds.

The price of the Ritual for one person is €70

The price of the Ritual for two people is €140

Duration: 90 minutes.

*The duration of all Rituals is counted from the time you access our facilities (according to your reservation time) until you leave it, so you must respect your schedule without exceeding your time.